Why Buy Samsung Ranges?

Kitchen ranges are also commonly known as stove tops. They are specially designed for the sole purpose of cooking food. A certain percentage of consumers has argued that kitchen ranges come with a built-in oven whereas stove tops are an independent appliance. Samsung offers a wide collection of kitchen ranges which can cater to various needs and preferences.

Temperature Control

A gas range offers a more accurate control of temperature as compared to an electric range. The main difference between these two appliances is how each one responds to changes in temperature settings. A gas stove responds almost instantly as it comes with flames that spread across the bottom of a pan or a wok. It also has knobs that help to change the size of the flames to provide accuracy in temperature control.

An electric range does not respond as quickly especially when users are turning the heat down or turning it off completely. In addition, there are also several factors that an electric range is simply unable to achieve as compared to a gas range. These include toasting, charring, and flambéing. For chefs or cooking professionals, the performance of a gas range will be more appealing.

Safety of Use

The burners on a gas range often come with metal grates. Nevertheless, each burner still produces an open flame that can be adjusted. Whenever an open flame is involved, the flammable factor still exists. This creates risks of a fire when a flammable object gets near such as a paper towel, dishcloth, or others. There are also the risks of gas leaks if a gas range is not properly connected to a gas line. An electric range on the other hand, is considered much safer as there are no open flames involved and no gas connections present.

Cleaning Up After Usage

An electric range is obviously much easier to clean after usage due to its absence of burners and grates. Most modern designs today offer a sleek smooth cooktop that comes in either ceramic or glass. After usage, users need to simply wipe off the top with a damp cloth and dish soap. Excessive usage may cause a caked mess which is still relatively easy to clean up without any need of extreme scrubbing. A gas range needs to be scrubbed at least every other day to prevent residues from building up which will be even tougher to be rid of. Its grates are also often heavy which require some effort and time to fully clean up.

Why Buy Samsung Ranges?

Samsung ranges are ranked at the top spot in most online kitchen appliance reviews. This feat is accomplished through the brand’s efficient delivery of durability, cost-efficiency, energy-savings and performance. Samsung has an entire line of kitchen ranges that have received high ratings in every aspect of their features which are highly sought after by consumers in today’s growing market.


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