Why Buy Haier Washing Machines?

Washing machines are one of the most important kitchen appliances in every household. Thus, it becomes essential to select the right type to ensure that all your needs are fully catered to. Continue reading our article to choose the washing machine that best suits your individual preferences.

Top Load Washer

A top load washer is pretty traditional and most households have this option in their kitchen. It is easy to load up and is relatively powerful with a capacity to support up to 12 kg of laundry. A top load washer is usually priced at a reasonable rate and is the least expensive among all the washers. This appliance is known to be very simple to use and its cycle is straightforward and not as lengthy.

The downside of this washer option is its greater usage of water and energy which makes it the less environmentally-friendly option. This appliance may also be too rough on certain fabrics if it does not come with a fabric care feature.

Front Load Washer

A front load washer is a great alternative which makes use of a rubbing action to get laundry cleaned. This washing method is much gentler on laundry and does not make use of too much water either. This type of washer is also able to clean large items better and dries laundry quickly as it spins at a fast rate. It is also much more environmentally-friendly due to its lower usage of water and energy which is up to just 1/3 of the amount used by a top load washer. This type of washer can also handle large items with ease and is extremely quiet. Plenty of modern technological features can also be found on most front load washer models for personalized cycles. Users can expect additional washing options that include cycle sensor, automation, and more.

The drawback of this type of washer is how it handles a very dirty or stinky load. Since it is much gentler, tough dirt does not get cleaned as effectively as how it would get easily eliminated in a top load washer.

Top Load Impeller

This option is a high-efficiency washer that is the latest type in the market today. The appliance does not make use of an agitator but instead, it comes equipped with an impeller. The impeller is found at the bottom of the washer which moves back and forth during cleaning along with movements from the tub itself. This option of a washer is comparable to a front load washer but it can hold more water if needed.

 The disadvantage of this washer option is how loud it gets during each cycle and some models do not offer a deep capacity.

Why Buy Haier Washing Machines?

Haier washing machines combine power and cost-efficiency which users love. They offer a much lower price tag without compromising on reliability even after prolonged usage. The washing machines by Haier may not come with a broad variety of modern features but they do perform as expected which is to produce a clean load of laundry after every cycle.


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