Why Buy Electrolux Washing Machines?

Electrolux washing machines have one of the best stain removal and in-class cleaning capabilities for your needs. Many professional testing companies place Electrolux washers as one of the top brands when it comes to laundry care. Electrolux place a big focus on front-load washer technology. There are many ways you can configure Electrolux laundry, whether it is in a stackable washer and dryer or side-by-side format. Putting laundry on the upper floor may sometimes evoke memories of an old and shaky house, but not with an Electrolux washing machine. The brand promises to provide one of the most balanced washing machines with the least vibration as compared to the other brands in the market.

Electrolux is a brand that has an exceptionally keen ability to pay attention to what the needs of their customers are. The most recent product released in the middle of 2018 is the result of such a customer-focused and agile approach. Here are some key features of Electrolux’s washers.

Cleaning Performance

When it comes to choosing a washer, it is important that it offers sufficient options and cycles to meet all your needs. Having features such as steam can be very useful when you have family members with allergies. Having steam can also help to increase the water temperature in the water tub, which will aid in dissolving detergent more efficiently and enhance the cleaning power. Electrolux’s Perfect Steam technology is meant to vent steam from the bottom, which is particularly helpful for removing tough stains. Manufacturers have also mentioned that washers with the steam feature will use lesser power and consume lesser water compared to conventional models.

Besides, the ability of adjusting the duration of laundry is incredibly convenient for modern users. Electrolux has models that can clean your laundry in only 15 minutes.

Energy Efficiency

Minimally, your washer should meet the Energy Star requirements set by the US government. Apart from that, you should also look out for features such as adaptive water levels based on load size and the efficiency of the washer in using detergent. In Energy Star listings, Electrolux washing machines are considered and rated to be one of the best performing brands.

Noise and Vibration

Front load dryers and washers are usually quieter than the top load models. Electrolux may be an ideal choice for those who are planning to place the laundry on the upper level as it has legs that are easily adjustable and a perfectly balanced drum under load. Electrolux’s motion technology helps to shift the laundry inside the tub and the recirculation technology allows even distribution of water and soap so that the weight balance of every load is maintained.

Size and Configuration

All Electrolux washers and dryers can be stackable, which is great if you are wanting to save precious space. Do note to get a stacking kit so that the dryer is secured properly above the washer. If you do not wish to bend down just to get the laundry, Electrolux also offers pedestals in matching colors to elevate the dryer and washer about 15 inches above the ground. The pedestals will come in handy and be useful with their push in opening storage drawers.


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