Top Tips To Maximize Your High-End Dishwasher

If you have invested a lot of money into a high-end dishwasher to realize that it still does not work efficiently 100% of the time, you are not alone. Many people have experienced having best dishwashers that can fail to function efficiently if it is not loaded in the proper manner. This has made us come to the realization that there are many people out there who are unaware that there is indeed a right and wrong method when it comes to loading a dishwasher. Even the best dishwashers will have a difficult time doing its work if it was loaded improperly. Hence, we have compiled the following steps that would help your high-end dishwasher function at its full potential every single time.


We recommend you placing your cups, small bowls, and glasses in the top rack or basket. Although it is not necessary to rinse them before placing into the built-in dishwasher, it would be ideal to remove large chunks of food pieces. Do not place more dishware than the rack can hold, as this would cause overcrowding. When this happens, there is a higher risk of breakage and the flow of detergent and water is limited. If you have any dishwasher-safe plastics, do place them on the top rack as well. As it further away from the heating system, it will prevent warping.


For silverware such as your spoons and forks, place them in the dishwasher with the handles facing downwards. However, for knives, place them with the handles facing up to avoid hurting yourself when taking them out.


For larger dishware such as plates and serving bowls, place them on the bottom shelf. For oversize items like cutting boards, place them towards the back and sides so as to not restrict the flow of water and detergent. Other than the above steps to follow, here are some important tips to take note of when you are loading your dishwasher the next time.


The correct cycle for you is dependent on the level of soil of the dishes. For dishes that are relatively clean, a light and short cycle with low temperature is recommended. For dishes that are on the dirtier side, deep cleaning is ideal; so choose a longer cycle with a high temperature. Instead of using a heat cycle to dry the dishes, air-dry them to save energy.


So as to make full use of water and energy, it is recommended to fill up the racks as much as possible till the space is filled. However, do take note not to overcrowd the racks, as it will limit the circulation of water in the washer. This will then result in dishes that are not completely cleaned. Whether the dishwasher is loaded full or half, the same amount of water is used. If it is not filled completely, you can use the rinse and hold feature.

Here are the steps and tips to remember the next time you use your dishwasher. If you follow them, you can be sure to maximize your high-end dishwasher!


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