How To Transport Refrigerators Safely

If you are relocating and wish to bring along your refrigerator, we have prepared a simple guide that you can follow. It contains several steps you can take note of to ensure that you safely transport refrigerators to the new location. Continue reading the article to find out more.

Empty the Refrigerator

You can start off by emptying the refrigerator as you do not want any food or drink items to spoil when you unplug the refrigerator. Consume any leftover food and drinks or store them temporarily at a friend’s house if truly necessary. This process will also reduce the weight that you need to lift to the new location.

Defrost the Refrigerator

Water and ice inside the refrigerator will make it more difficult to relocate. The liquid may spill during transportation and cause a mess or even damage other items on the truck. Before moving, unplug the refrigerator and leave it to defrost for a couple of hours. After the ice has melted, wipe away all that has spilled. It will also be much cleaner when you use it at the new place.

Securing Loose Items

During transportation, loose shelves may move around. If you are unable to remove them, leave them inside the refrigerator and simply secure them firmly using tape. The same goes for the refrigerator doors. Do not assume that they will remain intact during transportation. Tape them up securely to prevent them from opening up unexpectedly during lifting.

Working as a Team

You may think that a refrigerator is easy to relocate with the aid of a trolley. However, it is a large and bulky appliance which weighs a ton. Get a helpful friend to assist so as to facilitate a smooth transportation process. This is not just for the sake of convenience, but it is also to help maintain the safety of both you and the refrigerator.

Keep Refrigerator Vertical

When a refrigerator is laid flat down while in transit, its gases, oils, and coolants may flow out. This will in turn damage the refrigerator even with a brand new and top-of-the-line model. Upon arriving at the new location, power the refrigerator back up again to see if there are any noises. If there is any, the liquids may have flowed out or maybe it is time to have its compressor checked.

Handle Refrigerator Gently

Though a refrigerator is generally large and bulky, it is actually quite a delicate piece of appliance. All it needs is a little impact and its internal components may cause performance loss or permanent damage. A trick to take note of is to wrap the refrigerator with a layer of padding. You can either choose to use a blanket or a large piece of bubble wrap. This process can also prevent any cosmetic damages which will look unsightly on your refrigerator. These simple guidelines we have prepared can help you transport refrigerators much more easily and safely. Follow these steps in advance as some of them may be time-consuming.


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