Why Buy Samsung Washing Machines?

Before buying a washing machine, think through about all the underlying factors which will help you decide on a top load or a front load option. There are various models to select from but your main focus still needs to be narrowed down to whether a top load or a front load will best suit your household needs. Choosing the features of a washing machine can come next after you have decided on either of the two options. This article will break down the factors that you need to consider to select the most suitable Samsung washing machine.

Space and Convenience

Front load washing machines help to maximize space as its top can act as a counter that offers a place for things like a dryer, detergent, and others.

It is also much easier to retrieve the laundry inside front load washers after cleaning as compared to a top load option that may cause some inconvenience to users who are vertically challenged. Nevertheless, some may still prefer the top load option as it is easy to load without having to bend down as one would for a front load washer.

In addition, the door of a top load washer can be opened up at anytime during a wash cycle to add in a loose piece of clothing or detergent and so on. However, this cannot be done with a front load option. Nonetheless, there are some front load models that come with a smaller safety door which can be opened while a cycle is running.

Fabric Care

Experts claim that front load washers are gentler on fabrics thanks to the movement of their drums. The drums rotate more freely and can adjust according to how vigorous each wash cycle needs to be. Top load washers have drums that rotate in such a way that laundry comes out clumped and entangled together.

The front load option offers a technology that can mimic a handwash which cares for gentler fabrics like silk and linen. Hence, even when a laundry load is mixed with tougher fabrics, the drum rotation of front load washers will be gentler.

Selecting the Load Option

It does not take much to decide which type of Samsung washing machine best suit your household needs and lifestyle. If you fancy some extra space on top of your washer, the better choice is a front load which frees up some space on its top. However, if you do not like to bend when loading up your laundry, a top load option is much more convenient. Ultimately, every Samsung washer comes with great efficiency and performance.

Why Buy Samsung Washing Machines?

Samsung washing machines are known to display efficient capabilities like delicate fabric care and tough cleaning skills. They are also equipped with a series of technological advancements which include Wi-Fi, smartphone sync capability, air turbo drying system, and even a built-in dryer. Users are also able to select specific cycles that suit their fabric combinations to maximize their load and save water and energy.


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