Why Buy Samsung Cooktops?

A cooktop is pretty much similar to a kitchen range but it comes without a built-in oven. It only takes up counter space and is useful for those who are facing space constraints underneath the cooktop. A cooktop has its buttons built on its top rather than on the front as how one would expect of a kitchen range. Samsung offers a broad variety of cooktops that are reliable and high-performing for you to consider.

Gas Cooktops

Below are the pros of a gas cooktop:

  • Ignites quickly
  • Burner cools faster
  • Heats food faster
  • Lasts much longer in terms of durability
  • Lesser burn risks after shutting off burner
  • May still work without power

Below are the cons of a gas cooktop:

  • Risks of gas leaks
  • Tougher to clean up
  • Low heat is harder to control
  • Relatively more expensive to install
  • Fewer additional features

Electric Cooktops

Below are the pros of an electric cooktop:

  • Low temperatures are easy to manage
  • Easy control of precise temperature settings
  • Several cooking options
  • Less expensive to install
  • Flat surface can be used as storage when not cooking
  • Easier to clean up
  • No risks of gas leaks

Below are the cons of an electric cooktop:

  • Not as long-lasting
  • Takes more time to heat up
  • Risks of burner burn after it is turned off
  • Food takes more time to cook
  • Will not work without power


Both gas and electric cooktops are available in a series of styles and designs. Most standard stoves come in black or white and stainless steel on top of other customizable finishes. Electric cooktops make use of coils to function which are usually not visible from the top. Gas cooktops on the other hand have visible burners and grates where pots and woks are placed on.


Gas cooktops produce heat immediately which means that food gets cooked quickly. Upon shutting off, the heat disperses immediately which instantly cools down the burner. This stops the cooking process even when pans are left on the top. Gas cooktops cook using an open flame which may get put out when there are strong winds.

Electric cooktops need more time to heat up so food gets cooked much slower too. Upon shutting off the burner, the top remains hot for a few minutes so food may get overcooked if pans are left on the top.


Installation for an electric cooktop is straightforward. The appliance is either plugged in or hardwired according to individual household settings. Gas cooktops are much more difficult to install especially for households without an existing gas line.

Why Buy Samsung Cooktops?

Samsung is a reputable manufacturer of home and kitchen appliances including both gas and electric cooktops. Its extensive lineup of cooktops is known for its modern design that looks sleek and chic. Its quality is also highly reliable and its collection offers plenty of features to select from. Samsung is hands-down the trustworthy brand to pick for durable and powerful cooktops that are safe and cost-effective.


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