Why Buy Maytag Washing Machines?

Washing machines or otherwise known as washers, are a common kitchen appliance that is used to wash laundry. The appliance uses water for the washing process instead of utilizing a dry-cleaning method that is widely used by cleaning specialist businesses. A washer is useful in keeping laundry clean without requiring much physical efforts. There is a couple of standard washer types which offers a different set of benefits each. If you are unsure of the best washer type that suits your needs, continue reading to learn about the different Maytag washing machines available at Woodcocks.

Top-Load VS. Front-Load Washing Machines

This is the first decision you need to make when searching for a washing machine. How do you decide? There are several factors to be considered which can be useful in helping you make a wise decision. Firstly, a front-load model is the most common selection as it is easy to load from the top and it can hold more laundry. In comparison, a front-load model has a smaller capacity and needs to be loaded at a much lower height. Below are several other benefits to be considered for each of the two washer types.


Front-load washers are relatively much more water-efficient thanks to its design. On average, it uses about half the water needed by a top-load washer of the same load capacity. This is made possible through its drum that does not require water to be at its brim before a complete rinse can be performed.

Excess Space in Washing Machines

Front-load washers provide excess space at its top. This surface area can be used to position things like a dryer, a laundry basket, a space cabinet, and more. There are also several front-load washer models that come equipped with a built-in dryer so as to further save space.

Convenience of Use

A top-load washer is easier to load as you do not need to bend forward to do so. This is a crucial factor to consider if the household has elderly folks or those with knee or back injuries. A top-load washer can also have its lid opened at anytime midway through a cycle whereas a front-load washer does not come with this advantage. This process is useful if you would like to add additional pieces of clothing that you might have forgotten about earlier.


Top-load washers are relatively much cheaper as compared to front-load models. This is also due to how front-load washers usually come with more technological advancements for convenient usage.

Fabric Care

Front-load washers are known for their much gentler washing process. They make use of a rotating drum that can be adjusted to match the level of vigorousness that you prefer each cycle to be. Top-load washers have drums that clump up laundry due to their rotating motion. This is harsh on fabric but there are options which can set the rotation levels according to the fabric you are washing. Depending on your household needs and personal preferences, you can now decide which washer type will let you get the most out of your purchase.


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