Why Buy Maytag Vacuum Cleaners?

There are plenty of vacuum cleaner models for you to choose from on the market today that it may get pretty confusing. If you need to find a vacuum cleaner that best suits your household needs, the article below can help you determine which type is the most suitable. From how vacuum cleaners work to the different types of Maytag vacuum cleaners, continue reading to understand more.

Types of Maytag Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are the traditional favorite of many households. They come equipped with a brush roll that revolves for agitation and a motor that turns the brush roll and sucks dust and debris. They also offer various add-on options like attachments and extension hoses which make them versatile. There is also the canister vacuum cleaner which offers cleaner designs and high versatility. It is also powerful and can be used on smooth floors and carpets.

Bag or Bagless Maytag Vacuum Cleaners?

The other major difference found in vacuum cleaners is whether it uses a dust bag or otherwise. Apart from preferences alone, you may wish to consider the needs of your family. For those with asthma or allergies, you want to keep the air as clean as possible for them. Thus, choosing a vacuum cleaner that uses a dust bag would be a better option. This does not mean that a bagless vacuum cleaner does not perform its job effectively. However, it is not as suitable for those suffering from allergies or asthma as allergens and debris may still disperse into the air when you remove the container.

What Are Your Cleaning Needs?

You need to determine your cleaning needs before deciding on a vacuum cleaner. If you have high areas to clean like ceilings, fans, light fixtures, and ornaments, then you are going to need specialized attachments. If you have stairs to clean, then it is highly recommended that you get a canister vacuum cleaner as an upright vacuum cleaner is not designed to clean stairs on its own. For houses without stairs, an upright vacuum cleaner is your best choice especially if your home is primarily covered with items made of synthetic fibers.

More Factors to Consider

You may also want to consider additional factors such as vacuum cleaner performance or its ability if you have specific areas that need to be cleaned regularly. Higher power in amps or watts does not necessarily refer to higher performance as its performance is based on its suction power instead of electrical power. Vacuum cleaner filtration is just as important for you to consider as you would want to know if the appliance can hold fine particulates or simply disperses them back again into the room as dusts.

Why Buy Maytag Vacuum Cleaners?

Maytag vacuum cleaners are known for their thorough suction power which is efficient for most surfaces. Small airborne particles also get sucked effectively without much that gets left behind even when cleaning carpets. Maytag vacuum cleaners are also said to be quiet and user-friendly without falling short on performance.


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