Why Buy Maytag Ranges?

A kitchen range is a large-sized cooking stove or cooktop what has either burners or hotplates on its surface and a built-in oven below. The market today offers two different types of kitchen ranges which consist of a gas range and an electric range. If you are planning to get a new kitchen range, continue reading to learn about the different Maytag ranges and which one better suit your household needs.

Gas Maytag Ranges

A gas range points to a large cooking stove that makes use of gas combustion to produce heat. For households with a current gas line, a gas range is easy to install. However, those without an existing gas connection, a professional may need to be hired to ensure safety of usage. A gas range is also more traditional and is much more common in households as compared to an electric range.

Electric Maytag Ranges

An electric range is similar to a gas range in terms of its cooking capability. However, the only difference is that it runs on electricity. Hence, it is much easier to install as users can simply plug it directly into one of their electric sockets and it is ready to operate. If you do not have an existing gas line at home, it is advisable to buy an electric range as you do not need professional help with its installation.

Difference Between a Range and a Stove

Stoves have cooktops which can be removed and are usually used to support other cooking appliances. A range also has a stove top as well as a built-in oven for different modes of cooking. These types of appliances make use of gas as fuel to generate heat that can be controlled to support different cooking techniques or they may also run on electricity to achieve the same methods of cooking.

Gas Range VS. Electric Range

It is relatively cheaper to run a gas range to support your cooking needs but more energy is wasted when you cook with gas. At least seventy-four percent of the energy released by an electric range gets transferred to the food whereas only forty percent of energy is produced by a gas range.

An electric range is also much more expensive than a gas range due to its modern designs and extensive features. However, it is important that you also weigh in other costs such as the upfront price and long-term operating costs. Electric ranges tend to be the costlier option but the difference is not that much which may extend up to just 10 percent higher than the total costs of paying and operating a gas range.

Why Buy Maytag Ranges?

Maytag ranges are known for their tech-savvy exterior that comes equipped with plenty of modern features for efficient usage. There are user-friendly options like self-cleaning, maximum capacity racks, adaptable burners, and more. Maytag also offers different appliances at highly competitive prices which do not compromise on quality. Thus, you are getting the same type of appliance at a fraction of the price of other brands of ranges.


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