Why Buy Maytag Microwaves?

A microwave makes use of electromagnetic radiation to heat up and cook various types of food. The electromagnetic waves are produced inside the oven by a magnetron which is an electron tube. The electromagnetic waves vibrate the water molecules inside food which in turn produce heat that is used for cooking. If you are currently searching for a reliable microwave for your kitchen, check out the different Maytag microwaves we offer which can cater to various kitchen settings.

Countertop Maytag Microwaves

A countertop microwave is a more traditional option and is the most common selection for most households. It can measure from 0.5 to more than 2 cubic feet and it can easily be situated on almost any open surface of the kitchen. Countertop microwaves are considered freestanding units which are portable and easy to be shifted anywhere around the house.

Over-the-Range Maytag Microwaves

An over-the-range microwave is installed directly above the cooktop or kitchen range in place of a kitchen hood. Over-the-range microwaves can function like a regular microwave while providing hood capabilities that include eliminating steam, smoke, and cooking odors coming from the cooktop. It is equipped with a ventilation system that is built inside the appliance and it also has a light that brightens up the cooking area below.

Convection Maytag Microwaves

A convection microwave offers two types of cooking. It combines a number of features of two different kitchen appliances which are the microwave and the convection oven. This is useful for those who are looking to save space while still enjoying the different modes of cooking. A convection microwave provides you with the capability of baking and roasting foods while still being able to heating them up separately through the use of electromagnetic waves. This versatile kitchen appliance is a personal favorite of homeowners who face space constraints in their kitchen.

Benefits of Using Microwaves

  • Cut down cooking time – By using a microwave oven, you can cut down your total cooking time as food preparation will be managed efficiently beforehand. Microwave ovens can help defrost food and warm them up before you cook them through other methods.
  • No heat retention – Microwave ovens also do not retain heat, thus your kitchen will remain cool when you use them to heat up foods.
  • Energy-efficient – Microwave ovens are also known to be much more energy-efficient as compared to other forms of ovens or stoves as they can directly heat up the water molecules found inside foods.
  • Prevent burns – Microwave ovens present lesser risks of burns as only the foods that they heat up gain heat while the kitchen appliance remains cold.
  • Prevent tars and char – Cooking in a microwave oven does not produce tars and chars due to their lower cooking temperature.
  • No direct heat – Microwave ovens do not use direct heat which means the surfaces of foods do not get burned. Instead, the electromagnetic waves penetrate deep inside the layers of foods to provide more even cooking.

With many different benefits that you are set to enjoy by cooking with a microwave oven, it is no wonder that many households today own at least one unit at home.


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