Why Buy Maytag Cooktops?

A cooktop is also commonly known as a hob. It is a kitchen appliance that is used for cooking purposes. Most, if not all kitchens have a cooktop which is used to produce heat that is applied to the bottom of pots or pans. A cooktop is usually found integrated into a kitchen range along with an oven but it may also be sold separately as a standalone appliance. If you are planning to buy a cooktop for the kitchen, continue reading to learn about the different Maytag cooktops to determine which one better suit your household.

What are Maytag Gas Cooktops?

A gas cooktop is able to change temperature instantly so you can move from high to low heat right away by turning a control knob. Gas is the only cooktop technology that allows you to easily control an open flame for browning tortillas, roasting peppers, or simply stir frying in a conventional type of wok.

What are Maytag Electric Cooktops?

An electric cooktop has an integrated electrical heating tool that is used to bake and cook. This appliance has grown to be pretty popular as an alternative to the traditional gas cooktop which is more laborious to operate and maintain. There are also a variety of modern cooktops that come with an attached extractor hoods for removal of cooking odors and fumes.

Gas Cooktop Vs. Electric Cooktop

It is known that a gas cooktop offers more precise temperate control as you are using an open flame to cook. We all know how a flame is able to instantly respond to changes as it does not time to heat up or cool down. An electric cooktop on the other hand requires a few seconds for its electrical heating element to heat up or cool down according to the temperature you need.

An electric cooktop is generally much safer to use than a gas cooktop. This is because the appliance runs on electricity. In case of an emergency situation, the main power will trip to prevent an outbreak of fire. There are also no gas leaks involved since you do not have a gas line hooked up on your electric cooktop. This means that no carbon monoxide is part of the picture either which you do not need to worry about.

A gas cooktop is much harder to clean since it has burners on its surface that come with various nooks and crannies. An electric cooktop has a flat surface that can easily be wiped off with just a cloth and some soap.

Why Buy Maytag Cooktops?

Experts have shared about how Maytag makes one of the best brands in the market for appliances including cooktops. Its range of cooktops is also known for its value, reliability, and ease of use. Today, Maytag is amongst the longest-standing cooktop brands as their appliances are durable and long-lasting but still priced at competitive rates. Technicians have also shared how they like working with Maytag appliances that do not offer much technical problems and have spare parts that are easily available.


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