Why Buy KitchenAid Range Hoods?

A range hood is a kitchen appliance that comes equipped with a motorized fan. It is hung directly above the cooktop or kitchen stove. Its main purpose is to remove combustion products, airborne grease, fumes, smoke, steam, and heat from the air. The range hood achieves this by evacuating air as well as through filtration. Continue reading the article to learn more about the different types of KitchenAid range hoods.

What is a Ducted Range Hood?

A ducted range hood is directly linked to a duct through the use of a piping system. This duct channels airborne particles from inside the kitchen to the air outside so as to provide proper ventilation and air circulation. However, there are some ducted range hood designs that may restrict the areas where a ductwork can be installed as it depends on the availability of ducts in the kitchen.

What is a Ductless Range Hood?

A ductless range hood is fitted on top of the kitchen stove. It acts as a kitchen exhaust that comes with a fan for air circulation within the kitchen. It does this by using charcoal filters that are installed inside the range hood itself. There is no ductwork involved which helps to save a little space as cabinets can be installed above the range hood for storage purposes. Charcoal filters are used as they help trap dirt, grease, and neutralize cooking odors. The circulation technique then re-circulates clean air back into the kitchen for more comfort during cooking.

Ducted Vs. Ductless Range Hoods

Ducted range hoods are very common in majority of households. The reason behind this is due to their wide variety of sizes which are much larger so as to capture and eliminate more fumes, smoke, and dirt. Thanks to their greater efficiency, more homeowners prefer to use ducted range hoods. They completely channel the dirty air inside the kitchen to the outdoors so the kitchen remains clean at all times.

In comparison, a ductless range hood simply filters and circulates the dirty air from the kitchen. This method is not as effective as some of the dirty air gets re-circulated back into the kitchen. Thus, the kitchen still remains warm and reeks of cooking odor as not all the dirty air gets eliminated. However, a ductless range hood is very much preferred by households that are facing space constraints. Without any ductwork on top, the area can be used to install cabinets for extra storage space. Ductless range hoods also look sleeker and more modern in terms of their outlook and design.

Why Buy KitchenAid Range Hoods?

KitchenAid range hoods are known for their powerful performance that is an important factor for households that cook on a regular basis. The brand’s variety of range hoods is also quiet with minimal noise coming from its fan. This is achieved without compromising on the efficiency of the fan. All of KitchenAid’s range hoods also come equipped with an LED light so as to create a more conducive environment during cooking.


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