Why Buy KitchenAid Mixers And Blenders?

There are several differences between a mixer and a blender but the main one is how a mixer simply whips and beats ingredients together whereas a blender hacks them up and break them into smaller pieces. If you are wondering which one better suits your needs, continue reading the article about KitchenAid mixers and blenders to learn more about each type of appliance.

What is a Mixer Used For?

A kitchen mixer is used for a much simpler process and that is to whip up ingredients like cream to transform it into a much denser consistency. It can also be used to beat eggs to make them fluffy as mixing them will add air into the mixture. A mixer often comes with a number of different mixing attachments that are able to produce different consistencies. A mixer is what you would use to mix cake batter by mixing butter, flour and other essential ingredients together.

What is a Blender Used For?

A kitchen blender is used to hack and slash up ingredients into smaller pieces or into a liquid form. This is pretty common in the process of making soups or stocks as part of cooking preparations. A blender has only a single sharp attachment that is powered by a motor that can be controlled in different levels depending on the desired thickness level of the liquid. A blender is what you would use if you are making a smoothie by mixing fruits, milk, and other essential ingredients together.

KitchenAid Mixers and Blenders: Which One is More Suitable for Me?

A mixer is more geared towards bakers who need to perform mixing, kneading, and whisking on a regular basis. It comes with several different attachments which are used to produce different consistencies of mixtures. On the other hand, blenders are best for blending up larger food pieces into smaller pieces or into full liquid forms like soups or smoothies. A blender can be controlled by speed to achieve the desired texture of the liquids.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve in the kitchen, either of these kitchen appliances may be suitable for you. If you feel that you are not as much of a baker as you are a chef, a blender is much more useful for you to help with cooking preparations. If you are definitely a baker who has had enough with manual kneading of bread dough, then a kitchen mixer can provide the assistance you need.

Why Buy KitchenAid Mixers and Blenders?

If you are a seasoned baker, you would have known that KitchenAid is probably the most iconic brand when it comes to kitchen mixers. It is a premium brand that offers high performance and a modern outlook. There is a wide variety of power capacity you can choose depending on the scale of your baking projects.

As for KitchenAid blenders, they truly offer the automation assistance that you need in the kitchen. Whether you are grinding meat or just mincing some onions, KitchenAid’s range of blenders delivers the results you are looking for.


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