Why Buy KitchenAid Cooktops?

A cooktop is also commonly known as a stove or a cooker which is specifically designed for cooking of food. It relies on direct heat application for cooking to commence. The appliance gets its source of heat from gas combustion, an electrical component, or through an induction process. If you are unsure of the types of KitchenAid cooktops that best suits your cooking needs, read the article to support your decision-making process.

Gas Cooktop

The biggest advantage offered by a gas cooktop has to be its response speed. Gas burners are known to respond immediately upon ignition whereas an electric cooktop takes a couple of minutes to reach the same temperature. Another advantage is how a gas cooktop cools much faster to allow a boil to simmer down almost instantaneously. Its competence in temperature control is really essential for cooking delicate things such as sauces. However, a gas cooktop is relatively difficult to clean as you need to individually scrub its metal burners to get rid of any residue and buildup that may attract germs and pests. As a gas cooktop deals with an open flame, the risks are much higher. Its installation process might also be more complex if users do not own an existing gas line.

Electric Cooktop

The main advantage of using an electric cooktop is how easy it is to maintain. Clean-up is a breeze by using a simple combination of soap water and a dish cloth. The appliance is also easy to install without relying on a professional and it is safer to use as there is no open flame involved during cooking. In addition, an electric cooktop comes equipped with a digital control panel that makes operating it more convenient. Its physical appeal is also generally attractive with a wide variety of modern designs to choose from. However, an electric cooktop will not function during a power outage. Thus, emergency situations may prove to be a challenge.

Induction Cooktop

An induction cooktop makes use of electrical induction to cook instead of gas combustion or through an electrical heating element. Its burners contain a copper coil underneath its ceramic surface. To cook using an induction cooktop requires placing a pot on top of an alternating wave of current. Cooking through induction is fast because of the electromagnetic cycle that controls its heat response speed. The appliance is also environmentally-friendly as it makes use of lesser energy and generates lesser residual heat.

Why Buy KitchenAid Cooktops?

Based on past consumer reviews, it is indeed worth upgrading to a KitchenAid cooktop. The level of performance offered by its cooktops is notable which is definitely worth investing in. The cooktops are also durable to ensure you get the most out of your purchase for an extended period of time. In view of its modern approach of manufacturing kitchen appliances, KitchenAid cooktops are easy to navigate without requiring specific user instructions. Select the most suitable type of cooktop that best suits your cooking needs and pick from the broad range of tech-savvy cooktops that KitchenAid offers.


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