Why Buy Hotpoint Washing Machines?

There are two main types of washing machines in the market today for users to choose from. The more popular option is the top-load washer which offers a bigger capacity and is common in majority of households. The other type is the front-load washer which looks aesthetically modern and is equipped with a number of technological features. Read the article below to better understand the specifications of each of these washers to select the better option that suits your needs.

Top-Load Washing Machines

A top-load washing machine has a drum that rotates horizontally. It comes with a top lid that needs to be lifted when laundry is being loaded in. The appliance basically cleans laundry through a spinning motion. It is known to clean large-sized laundry like blankets more efficiently with the aid of its agitator.

Front-Load Washing Machines

A front-load washer is usually priced much higher than a top-load option due to its higher quality and better energy efficiency. The appliance also comes equipped with various technological features that can accommodate different types of materials and levels of soil.

Top-Load VS. Front-Load Washing Machines

A top-load washing machine is much more convenient to use as laundry gets loaded and unloaded from the top without having to bend forward. Households with older folks or with joint problems will definitely appreciate this appliance. A top-load washing machine also allows more laundry to be added halfway through a cycle without issues. In addition, it distributes fabric softener better and collects lint.

A top load washing machine with an attached agitator washes quickly whereas models with an impeller offer more efficient washes and use lesser energy. However, a top-load washing machine is generally tougher on laundry as compared to a front-load option which also offers various wash options. These options can match the needs of different materials accordingly.

A front load washing machine is more efficient in its water and energy usage which makes it a more environmentally-friendly option. However, there are also certain top-load models that are just as energy-saving.

As for installation, a front load washing machine offers free space on its surface which can be used for storage or to install a dryer. For households with space constraints, a front load is definitely a better option.

The only concern you need to note of regarding front-load washers is the rubber gasket around their door. It allows mold to build up over time which may cause a foul odor. Regular maintenance can help users tackle this issue and placing the washer at a well-ventilated area.

Why Buy Hotpoint Washing Machines?

Hotpoint offers a variety of washing machines that do not come with the Energy Star certification. However, its lineup is still able to perform efficiently in terms of energy and water usage. Hotpoint’s washing machines are reasonably priced and compact in size which are ideal even for apartments. Past consumers have shared their positive experiences using washers from Hotpoint which are rated at an average of 8.6 out of 10. Hotpoint’s washing machines are indeed reliable for long-term usage despite their affordable prices.


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