Why Buy Hotpoint Ranges?

A typical kitchen range is made up of a cooktop and an oven. This combination makes it convenient for home chefs to whip up meals in just a single appliance that offers more than one cooking option. With the layout of a range, homeowners get to save space which is especially ideal for those facing space constraints. If you are searching for a reliable kitchen range, read on further to learn about the variety offered by Hotpoint.

Gas Range

A gas kitchen range runs on combustible gas such as natural gas, propane, and others. The appliance comes equipped with a number of gas rings on its surface or otherwise known as burners which are often made of metal. Each gas ring has a heating element that converts gas into heat. The installation of a gas range is pretty straightforward for homeowners that already have an existing gas line. A gas kitchen range can still function during a power outage.

Electric Range

An electric range is a cooktop that comes with electrical heating elements on its surface. The appliance has grown popular amongst consumers today who prefer a modern outlook. It also offers convenience of cleaning as it is not equipped with metal ring burners that have nooks and crannies that may be hard to reach during clean-up. Installing an electric range is also much easier as it only needs a power socket to function. However, it cannot work during a power outage.

Gas VS. Electric Ranges

The main difference between a gas and electric kitchen ranges is how each one responds to temperature control. A gas range is known to respond almost instantaneously as it involves a direct flame that spreads its heat evenly across the bottom of a pan. It also comes with control knobs that are used to change the size of the flame. If you are looking for precise heat control, it is highly recommended to opt for a gas range.

Another difference between these two types of kitchen ranges is the safety of each one. An electric range is much more preferred as it is deemed as the safer alternative. Since it does not involve using any open flame, chances of the kitchen catching fire is close to none. Risks of a gas leak are also eliminated with the use of an electric range.

Lastly, as mentioned above, an electric range is easier to clean as its surface is flat without any protruding metal burners with deep edges. Simply use a wash cloth and dish soap to get rid of any cooking mess. Since most electric range models come in either ceramic or glass, their surfaces cool down fairly quickly to allow immediate clean-up.

Why Buy Hotpoint Ranges?

Hotpoint is known as a manufacturer of appliances that are efficient and affordable. Its lineup of kitchen ranges offers plenty of benefits that include a user-friendly interface, fast cooking speeds, powerful performance, and good temperature control. Foods prepared on Hotpoint ranges also turn out evenly-cooked over rapid heating that can be achieved through both its gas and electric ranges.


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