Why Buy Electrolux Range Hoods?

Getting rid of cooking odors and making sure that your kitchen smells fresh and clean is not an easy job. This is why having range hoods are important. Cooking hoods are useful in keeping your kitchen smelling and looking fresh and clean all the time. They play a significant role in ensuring the cleanliness of kitchens. There are a wide variety of different types of range hoods you can choose from – including stylish designs that are used for making a bold statement. However, it is important to get one that is aligned with the design of your kitchen.

The best kind of range hoods include an extractor unit that is able to effectively get rid of nasty smells and odors from your kitchen. However, if your kitchen has installation or space limitations, it may help to get a recirculating type which will clean the air before recycling it back to your kitchen with the use of charcoal filters.

Choose the Right Range Hood

Do keep in mind that the larger your hob, the more your range hood will need to work, so ensure that you select a model that is ideal for the amount and type of cooking you usually do. It is important to also select one with a width that is either equal or larger than the width of the hub, to ensure that all odors can be removed effectively.

Noise Level

Kitchens often create the most noise in the house, and the last thing you want is to have another noisy range hood. At Electrolux, there is a range of different models with low noise levels. One such model is the 90cm Stainless Steel Chimney Hood that includes a SilentMode function. This will help to create an ideal environment for getting the creative juices flowing.

Eliminate Odors

You will want to eliminate that fishy smell and do it quickly. Electrolux is the right brand for you. Their range hoods include up to three different speed settings that can help to get rid of unpleasant smells and odors in a matter of seconds. What’s even better is that the flexible fume extractor that comes with several speed options can also allow you to get rid of smoke and cooking fumes quickly and without much hassle.

Ducting vs Recirculation Mode

When the ducting mode is selected for the range hood, a hole on the wall will need to be opened up on top of the hood so that a ducting hose can be installed. The ducting hose is used to evacuate whatever the hood is extracting. On the other hand, there is no need for installing a duct hose if you are using the range hood with recirculation mode. This is because the air that is extracted by the range hood will be filtered with the use of the grease filter before being recycled back into the kitchen.


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