Why Buy Electrolux Dishwashers?

Electrolux has been in the market for some time. Electrolux has placed more focus on redesigning the dishwashing system with targeted cleaning areas and different sprays, making it very smart for pacifiers, sport bottles, and taller glasses. The targeted cleaning zones are very good in Electrolux dishwasher as it gets high pressure spray into the difficult to clean items like baby and water bottles.

Electrolux tends to follow a more American template in terms of the design of their appliances with more depth and space. They also come with a soft food grinder below the dishwasher and have an express wash for lighter loads. Electrolux also has the Satellite wash system, which means that more water is being sprayed in more sections compared to Bosch.

Electrolux EW24ID80QS

When it comes to selecting a dishwasher for your home, this Electrolux dishwasher is one of the best options in the market. Not only does it have a huge selection of pre-set wash cycles, it also has several other high-end features at competitive pricing.

Features of Electrolux EW24ID80QS

  • 45 dBa
  • Target cleaning areas
  • Fast wash cycle of around 30 minutes
  • Luxury dry system giving you outstanding drying results for all dishes
  • Adjustable racks that are easy to lift
  • Luxury soft grip racks
  • Smart soil sensor
  • Perfect stemware grips
  • Sure-2-fit racking system
  • 3rd rack that includes adjustable racks

These machine offers great performance and many options for racking and loading. It also offers custom space for everything such as stemware, ladle, and unique items like espresso cups and small Tupperware containers. With the third rack meant for silverware, there will be even more space for you to place all of the dirty dishes. The removable tray is also an added bonus as it makes clearing the dishes away much more convenient.

The design benefits of this particular model also have adjustable legs to accommodate a wide variety of different kitchen layouts. In addition, the interior has a ‘tall tub’ design so bigger dishes and pieces that are unusually shaped can also be loaded and cleaned efficiently. There is also a smart wash sensor that can adjust the length of specific cycles. 

Pros of Electrolux EW24ID80QS

  • The delay start option helps you to organize your time in a more efficient manner, especially for busy working adults for may have time to load the dishes but unable to wait for the entire wash cycle to be done
  • The self-cleaning filter will decrease the costs of maintenance significantly and can take care of slightly larger food bits that have been hardened so you do not need to worry about pre-scrubbing and pre-rinsing
  • It is relatively easy to install, particularly if you are replacing a current old dishwasher
  • With high-temperature washes, dishes can be cleaned and dried efficiently while getting rid of bacteria. This is a very important feature for baby care products that needs to be sterilized.
  • The five wash cycles are well thought out for various tasks. Whether it is economy wash for slightly dirty dishes or heavy loads for very dirty pans, there is everything you need.

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