Where Is The Best Placement For Your Washing Machine?

The outlook of any room depends primarily on where you place your furniture, how you accessorize it and the color combination you pick. Now that you intend to replicate a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom but there is an apparent eyesore – wrong washing machine placement. It can totally ruin the looking of your bathroom if it is placed at a non-strategic position. You do not need to think so hard to find a solution for your washing machine as we have some suggestions which can help you to position it strategically while creating storage space at the same time.

Partitions to Suit Washing Machine Placement

A little innovation can help you find an ideal space for your washer. If you do not have any existing space allocated for your washer, a simple screen door or decorative panels can help to conceal it. This will allow your bathroom to look neat and tidy without any sign of an eyesore. If building additional partitions seems like a chore, you can easily install a countertop above the washer instead. It will be about incorporating your washer as a part of your bathroom interior instead of concealing it.

Cabinets for Your Washer

Another way to keep things neat and tidy around the kitchen is to build cabinets to store and cover up your washer. There will also be ample space for other necessities like laundry detergent, hangers, and more. This is also suitable for those looking for a minimalistic concept that looks simple and modern.

Curtains for Your Washing Machine

A much more cost-effective way to conceal your washer is to use curtains. You can simply hang some curtains at the area where your washer is placed. The curtains can also easily complement part of your whole décor as they are available in various colors and patterns.

Shelves for Your Washer

Another efficient way to integrate your front-load washer as part of your kitchen interior is to build a custom shelf and place the washer underneath it. This way, the things you put together will have a nice aesthetic flow and your washer will not look out of place. You may choose to build more than one tier of custom shelves if you require the additional space.

Higher Washing Machine Placement

By placing your washer at a much greater height, you can create additional space below. This is also suitable for households facing a space constraint where the space underneath can be used to store a dryer. You will also find it more convenient to load and unload your laundry without having to bend down.

Buying a Smaller Washer

There are plenty of tech-savvy washer models in the market today. They are equipped with washing and drying advancements for either a small or large capacity washer. If your household does not have that much laundry to wash on a regular basis, it is advisable to buy a washer with a smaller capacity. Small washers can easily be stowed away in a corner of the kitchen or bathroom without needing much space.


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