Troubleshooting Common Gas Cooktop Problems

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a commercial or residential kitchen, gas cooktop problems can be an annoying hassle. If you happen to run a restaurant with a busy kitchen that is filled with expensive appliances, the last thing you would want to happen is to experience technical problems when using the equipment. This article will zoom in on the common gas cooktop problems that users face. In the unfortunate event that you face these problems, here are some of the ways that you can deal with them.

Inefficient Heating

When you are cooking for your family or your customers, it would only make sense if your gas cooktop heats up fast. One of the most common gas cooktop problems is slow heating. This will result in major inefficiency and frustration. If you are cooking a dish that needs you to use high heat, a gas cooktop that is slow to heat up might result in a dish that does not taste as good. If you are already spending the time and effort to cook, you definitely want your cooking to impress your guests!

Slow and inefficient heating can be a result of a dirty burner. Hence, you should check the burners of your gas cooktop and see if there are any blockages, be it grime, dirt, or food remnants. When your burners are clogged, the whole appliance will not be able to heat up properly and will result in slowing down your cooking process.

If you see that there really is a blockage in your burners, what you need to do is to clean it thoroughly. However, always remember to turn off the gas and ensure that it has cooled down before you start any cleaning. To ensure proper cleaning, remove the caps and grates and place them in hot water and soap. You can easily purchase a safe cleaning agent from your local convenience store. You should then scrub the debris away with a clean brush that can help to remove stubborn grease and stains as well.

Burners Don’t Work

If you are using an electric gas cooktop, this might be a problem that you face. Essentially, the burners are worked when the electricity sets off the ignition system. As such, if your burners cannot heat up properly, chances are that they have failed to respond to the electricity. In the case where all your burners do not respond, it is highly likely that you have an electrical problem. If this is indeed true, you should contact the manufacturer or appliance dealer to get better insight. Another possibility for this problem is that there is something wrong with the heating coil. Thus, you should inspect your gas cooktop and see if the coil has been plugged in correctly. If need be, you can easily replace this coil as well.

Persistent Ticking Sound

When you cook with your gas cooktop, you will typically hear a ticking sound followed by the start of the flame. This sound represents the ignition of the flame with a spark. However, if you consistently hear this sound but your burner fails to ignite, then you know there is a problem. This can be the cause of your burner being blocked by foreign objects such as food debris. Some gas cooktops might allow food particles to enter the gas crates, making it almost impossible to start a flame. Hence, you should separate the gas crates and remove all the foreign objects.


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