The Differences Between Counter-Depth And Full-Size Fridges

When buying a refrigerator, there are many factors you should consider. You need to look at the cost, the number of doors, size, and overall finish. Once you have made up your mind and you have identified the products that you feel will suit your needs and budget, you will have to choose between a full-size and counter-depth refrigerator.

Even though full-size and counter-depth refrigerators differ in appearance, they also differ in other ways that affect their price and performance. Below is a comprehensive review of their differences that will help you choose the perfect refrigerator for your home:

Full-Size Refrigerators

Also known as free-standing refrigerators, full-size fridges are highly popular among homeowners. This is because they come at a lower price, have a larger capacity, and are easier to install compared to their counter-depth counterparts. Additionally, they have a larger capacity than most common refrigerators. Therefore, if you are looking for a refrigerator that will accommodate all your food without having to seek alternative storage, getting a full-size refrigerator is a wise decision.

Compared to other fridge types, full-size fridges are highly affordable. The fact that they are sold at lower prices doesn’t mean they don’t offer great performance. In fact, some models provide the latest refrigerator technology and superb performance.

The reason why full-size fridges are called free-standing is that they stand on their own. When you purchase one, you don’t require technical knowledge to install it or work with an appliance expert for custom installations. You can place them wherever you want – including at the end of your kitchen cabinets, and they will still work great.

Due to their free-standing nature, you can easily relocate this appliance whenever you move houses. If you are looking for the best refrigerators on a tight budget, consider investing in a good full-size fridge.

Counter-Depth Refrigerators

Perhaps one of the primary differences between counter-depth and full-size refrigerators is their appearance. Counter-depth fridges have aesthetics that are hard to find. They create the most seamless look in a space. They are engineered to look like they are made for your kitchen. When installed correctly, they slide flawlessly into their nook and blend well with the cabinetry. Unlike full-size fridges that are free-standing, counter-refrigerators are custom-installed. They are more aesthetically appealing and give a space a more polished look than their full-size counterparts.

Thanks to the beauty, performance, and overall finish of counter-depth refrigerators, they are more expensive than full-size fridges. You should not be surprised to find counter-depth fridge models that cost thousands of dollars. These fridges may also require cabinetry installation if your kitchen is not already set up; thus, you should consider this additional cost before you go shopping.

Counter-depth refrigerators are ideal for small kitchens and for people and families that don’t need much fridge space. If you are looking for something classy that will contribute to your home’s overall value, consider getting a counter-depth fridge.

Knowing the difference between counter-depth and full-size fridges will help you make informed choices and get the appliance that fits your needs. Regardless of the model, you decide to go for, ensure it provides you with the functionality you are looking for and fits perfectly into your kitchen’s design.


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