Should You Get A Front Load Or Top Load Washer For Your House?

Of all the essential appliances in a home, washing machines are arguably the most important. Even though they are tucked away in laundry areas, they offer an amazing utility that cannot be ignored. When you are in the market seeking to buy a washing machine, you need to be extra careful, since making a slight mistake – such as buying a machine that underperforms or the wrong one for that matter can adversely affect your daily life. One of the things you should consider when it comes to buying washing machines is whether you should get a front load or top load washer.

In the section below, we will differentiate between front load and top load washers based on a few factors. Keep reading!

Ease of Use

When using front load washers, you might be forced to bend. In the process, you might end up dropping a shirt or two when transferring them to the drier. Nonetheless, some front load washers are stackable, which makes the cloth transfer process quite easier. Some top-load models have reversible doors that ensure you are not obstructed by doors that can’t open all the way when you want to access the washer’s interior. Additionally, there are some models that have a pause button, which allows you to throw in some items mid-cycle. When it comes to ease of use, it all depends on the model you buy. Whether a front load or top load washer, ensure you consider ease of use before buying.


Top load washers don’t have a huge door on the front. They have a smoother and sleeker finish. On the other hand, front-load washers have thick glass inserts on their front doors that are specially made to allow users to see their clothes churning and track their progress. Some users find this entertaining, while there are some who find it distracting. Both front load and top load washers have a similar industrial look, which is considered a critical home design element.


When it comes to size, top load washers are 5-6 inches taller than front-load washers of the same volume. The widths between the two machines are similar. Front-load washers are 4 inches deeper than top load washers.

Repair and Maintenance

The motors in top load washers are located conveniently and are easy to access. As long as you are able to follow simple instructions and pay attention to detail, you can do basic repairs on a top load washer. Even though you can undertake simple maintenance projects on front load washers, most repairs should be done by skilled technicians.

Water and Energy Use

Top load high-efficiency washers use 12-17 gallons of water. A standard washer uses 40 gallons of water for every load. Front-load washers use about 13 gallons of water per load. When it comes to water and energy efficiency, the front load washer takes it.

So, Which Machine Should You Buy?

Both front load and top load washers all come with their benefits and a fair share of drawbacks. Therefore, the question of whether you should buy a front load or top load washer all depends on your needs. Before you choose any washing machine, make sure you do thorough research, follow your instincts, and choose the best that you can afford.


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