Mastering The Art Of Kitchen Appliance Arrangement

If you are a homeowner, chances are that you have looked at your kitchen and told yourself that you should have arranged it differently for better efficiency and convenience. However, homeowners usually regret the initial way that they went about planning and executing their kitchen appliance arrangement. If your planning is sloppy, it might result in events like you bumping into other appliances when you are cooking or washing. For example, you definitely do not want to place your refrigeration unit in an awkward distance from your stove.
Regardless of how advanced your kitchen appliances are, poor arrangement can destroy the aesthetic and function of your kitchen. Below are some ways in which you can arrange your appliances so that you can make the most out of your kitchen.


As mentioned above, efficiency is extremely crucial especially when you are rushing to cook up a storm for your hungry loved ones. Thus, it is only wise to divide your kitchen into zones so that your actions in the kitchen flow well without any obstructions. There are five typical zones that are characteristic of a kitchen. They are:

  1. The food preparation zone
  2. The food storage and refrigeration zone
  3. The cooking utensils zone
  4. The eating utensils zone
  5. The cleaning and waste zone

Once you have decided where you want to put each zone, it is important that you choose where to put the largest appliances according to your zoning system. For example, it would make sense that your dishwasher would be placed in the cleaning and waste zone. A popular thing to do with appliances is to integrate them into your kitchen. This is because they can save up a lot of space and make everything seem more seamless in your kitchen.


Kitchen owners and home cooks can all agree that the more shelves, the better. When there are more shelving options in your kitchen, the more storage space you will have for your ingredients and cutlery. Another brilliant idea would be to install rolling shelves. This is extremely useful for kitchens that have little vertical space. However, the best part of rolling shelves is that you can choose to place them wherever you want. You can also purchase a rolling shelf with a solid top surface. This can increase the amount of available counter space that would be useful when you are prepping a meal.


Having a pantry cupboard can be very useful as well, that is if you know how to utilize it wisely. The fact is that there are other uses for it other than storing your canned food or baking supplies. You can also use your pantry to store kitchen appliances. Many people think that this would make the usage of your appliances more inconvenient, this is not actually the case.

For example, if you want to heat up some chip and dip for a movie night with your family, it would save you so much time if the microwave was near where you store your food, making things so much easier and more efficient.


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