If you are a big fan of entertaining guests at your house, whether it is for big parties or regular drink nights, you will need a functional and stylish kitchen for it. Not only should the kitchen be the right space for you to prepare the food and cook for a group of people, it should also be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for people to gather around. When it comes to creating an ideal kitchen for entertaining, planning is important. If you are looking for kitchen plans that will make for great entertaining spaces, read on to find out more.


The best type of kitchen for entertaining guests is an open kitchen, as it allows you to move food and drinks from the kitchen to the guests with ease. Guests are also able to easily enter the kitchen and interact with you while you prepare the food. Having an open kitchen allows a natural flow from the living area to the kitchen, which will motivate people to want to hang out with you as you cook. Guests can then congregate in the kitchen.


Islands can be easily added to an open kitchen if you do not have one. Apart from making a kitchen very functional, it is also more ideal for entertaining guests. Islands can also be used as a table, providing additional seating for guests to sit. With a kitchen island and the right home appliances, more space can also be used to place kitchen appliances, as well as food and refreshments. Having multi-level islands will also give you extra space to prepare meals and interact with guests concurrently. Your guests will also be able to stand and sit around while still being able to rest their drink somewhere.


Hosting dinner parties or events at your house can be daunting. There are several special appliances that you can make use of to make your life much easier when you entertain guests at your home.

  • Ice Maker

It can be a hassle to have to constantly refill trays of ice and inconvenient to buy back bags of ice from the grocery store. Furthermore, you run the risk of running out of ice, which will leave your guests constantly craving for an ice-cold drink. With ice makers, you no longer have to go through this hassle. They will automatically produce ice cubes and even nugget ice that can be used to make frozen drinks. In addition, the ice machines are extremely simple to clean and do not produce too much noise.

  • Coffee Machine

Many hosts dream of serving perfectly brewed coffee to their guests at any time with little effort. With a built-in coffee machine, you will get easy access to barista style lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos, not forgetting a frothing system as well. There are many coffee systems that will enable you to make two cups of coffee at one go, making a built-in coffee machine a great choice to install in your kitchen.


If entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties is a priority in your home, these kitchen plans above will help you turn your house into an ultimate space to hang out with friends.


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