How To Fix A Stuck Washing Machine Drum

Washing machines function by spinning clothes inside a tub that is filled with water and soap. The appliance agitates, rinses, and wrings clothes before each load to prepare them for the dryer. Over time, imbalances may start to form. The washing machine may rattle, bump, or shake but continues to perform though not as efficiently as it used to. When this process continues, you may need to deal with a stuck washing machine drum when a piece of hardware comes loose or a piece of clothing gets stuck somewhere. If you are experiencing this problem, continue reading to learn how to fix it.

Manually Turn the Drum Slowly

You can tell if your washing machine drum is stuck by seeing how it responds to a push. Turn it slowly by hand and see if your washer basket spins in the right direction. Wiggle the drum around a little or twist it to see how it moves. A stuck drum means that the tub will not turn even when you push it. If you hear a strange sound or feel something getting stuck with pressure, take note of the issues to determine the types of repair works you are going to need.

Check the Drum and Basket Gap

A stuck washing machine drum is usually caused by a small piece of item getting caught in between the drum and basket. In such a situation, the drum still wants to continue functioning but the basket is not able to spin inside the drum. Check for any items there and remove them to test if the drum can already start to move.

Extraction Within Reach

Examine the gap between the drum and basket. Remove any splash guard you see for a clearer view. Gently turn the basket to look for either clothing or hardware that is stuck in the gap. If you are able to reach it, pull it out gently to prevent causing any damage to the drum and basket.

Wedged Clothing

Fine pieces of clothing can at times agitate themselves out of the basket and directly into the drum during a cycle. This incident may take place for models that do not come with an attached splash guard. Clothing pieces that get caught may hinder movement between the drum and basket which can be resolved by pulling out what is left behind.

Tiny Scraping Materials

There may also be tiny hardware pieces that you failed to retrieve before putting your laundry into the wash. They may slip into the space found in between the tub and basket which may cause dangerous jams. Take them out from the gap with a pair of pliers. If you are unable to do so, you may have to take things apart completely.

Dismantle the Appliance

If you need to take your washing machine apart completely, different steps are involved depending on the model. Some models only require a few panels to be taken apart whereas others may require you to remove just the front or back panel alone. If you are unsure, always seek professional assistance so as not to worsen the situation.


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