How To Choose An Ideal Microwave For Your Home

With advancements in technology today, we are often spoilt for choice. It can be overwhelming to choose from an almost unlimited range of kitchen appliances in the market. As such, this article will help you to identify some of the factors that can help you make a more suitable choice of microwave for your home.

Budgetary Concerns

When purchasing any new product, it is always important to make clear what your budget is. You do not want to be spending a disproportionate amount of money on a microwave that you can barely afford because this will deeply affect your financial health in the long run. Hence, get only what you need and what is comfortable for your financial capabilities. Generally, a countertop microwave should be cheaper than other models.

Type of Microwave

When choosing your microwave, it is crucial that you know what kind type you are looking for. You can choose between countertop, over the range or built-in microwaves. The type of microwave you consider should depend on the needs of your household, as well as the available space in your kitchen. For example, if you currently have a built-in microwave oven and you have the designated space for it, then it would make more sense to get a new built-in one again. However, if you do not have the space, then you should purchase a smaller, more portable countertop microwave.

Functionality of Your Microwave

Once again, you need to be aware of your needs, wants and preferences. Before you go microwave shopping, make sure that you know what kind of heating is usually done in your kitchen. If you are looking to save space and want a microwave that is more versatile, chances are that you will be happier with a convection microwave. This kind of microwave utilizes both air circulation technology as well as convection heating that is common in ovens. Do note that this is usually more expensive.

Size Matters

Before buying any kitchen appliance, it is always good to take measurements of your kitchen to see if your desired product will be a good fit. For example, if you want to get a built-in microwave, then you should get one that is perfect for the current space measurements of your kitchen cabinet. Similarly, before getting a countertop microwave, it would make sense to measure the amount of space you have on your countertop so that you do not regret your purchase. Additionally, if you know that you will only ever heat up the occasional cup of coffee or tea, then you can get a smaller-sized, compact microwave to suit your needs.


Another factor to consider before buying a microwave is its design. When buying new appliances for your kitchen, it is important that they suit the aesthetic of your kitchen. One good way to ensure this is to match the colors of your appliances. For example, if you are going for a kitchen design that is more traditional, you might want to get a microwave that has a matching color scheme.


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