How To Buy The Right Combo Washer Dryer

A combo washer dryer provides convenience to users and also helps save a lot of time. Its usage is straightforward without a need to learn separate sets of instructions to operate more than a single appliance. The combo also requires much lesser space which is an ideal choice for homes with space constraints such as an apartment. Selecting the right type of combo washer dryer will enable you to optimize the appliance according to your individual needs. Read our article below to understand the process in more depth.

Things to Look out for Prior to Searching for a Combo Washer Dryer

Several factors can be considered when searching for a combo washer dryer. Firstly, you need to come up with a checklist to document your priorities. If your home is lacking of overall space, select a space-saving model. If there are more family members within your household, a larger-sized model is more appropriate. Let us explore more on other factors that you can review.

Unit Capacity

Combo washer dryers generally have much smaller capacity as compared to separate units. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you are restricted in terms of available options. Simply visit our nearest outlet and see the wide range that we offer to suit different household needs.

Working with Space

The standard width to expect is approximately 27 inches which is relatively as big as a standard separate unit. Nonetheless, there are also other narrower models which are around 24 inches wide. Measure the area of your home that you intend to place the combo washer dryer so as to avoid buying the wrong size.

Appliance Performance

Each model differs in performance as well as price. Hence, read the specifications and settings of each model before making your purchase to get hold of the appliance that can cater to your unique needs. Questions that you can ask yourself to help you make a decision include “What is the size of your average load?”, “How often do you do laundry”, and “Are the specifications sufficient to support your laundry needs?”.

Additional Features

There are several models in the market today that do not offer additional features. They often come equipped with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Nevertheless, if you are looking to spend more on extra functions, browse through our catalog to view models which offer add-ons like premium washing and drying capabilities. More expensive models are loaded with features like fabric care, moisture sensor, and more for you to choose from.

Power Source

Most combo washer dryer models are powered by electricity which can easily be plugged into your power sockets at home. However, some brands do carry models that are gas-powered. If you do not already have an existing gas line, you may wish to consider getting a straightforward unit that runs on electricity for convenience. However, the gas option may save you a small amount of money on utilities in the long run.


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