How To Buy The Perfect Range Hood

Veteran home chefs will know that cooking in your own kitchen comes with the risk of setting off your smoke alarm. This is why buying a range hood that suits your cooking needs is so important. However, there are some important factors to consider when getting the perfect range hood. How exactly can you tell if a range hood is the right one for your kitchen? The follow sections will explain the process of finding the best one for you and your family.

Kitchen Layout

When shopping for kitchen equipment and appliances, it is crucial to be aware of the general layout of your kitchen. Since space constraints are real in some living spaces, make sure that your range hood is of the perfect size for your kitchen. Always aim to buy one that is at least 25 – 30 inches above your stove (but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions to be safe).

The good thing about range tops is that they are pretty versatile. You can choose to mount them on a wall, integrate them with your cabinets, or even suspend them from your kitchen ceiling. These days, many homeowners also opt for downdraft rangehoods that can be stowed away when you don’t need them.

Kitchen Exhaust System

Another thing to look out for when getting a range top is the type of kitchen exhaust system that you use. It is essential that you find out whether your kitchen uses a ducted or non-ducted exhaust system. Ducted systems help to channel the smoke from your kitchen to the outside of your home. As such, this is the case where mounting your range hood to the wall would be the wisest option. This would help to ensure that you require shorter ducting and lower the installation costs.

On the other hand, a non-ducted exhaust system means that the smoke will get filtered and then channeled back into your kitchen. Common sense tells us that this is much more inefficient and require homeowners to regularly maintain and clean the filters.

Style of Range Hood

All homeowners want to get a range hood that complements the style of their kitchen and speaks of their own preferences. Hence, you can choose from the wide variety of different finishes for your range top. When choosing the style and finish, you should also consider the amount of effort it takes to clean the surface. However, the key point is to make sure that your range top perfectly fits the architecture of your home and kitchen. For example, if your kitchen is a traditional looking one, then it wouldn’t make sense to get a range top that is too futuristic. Bear in mind that you might also want to think about how seamless you want the range top to appear in your kitchen space. Homeowners can decide between making a strong design statement, or go with the conservative choice and incorporate it seamlessly into their space.

Typical Range Hood Costs

As with any purchase, cost is something that cannot be overlooked. The cost of your range top can vary based on criteria such as its size, design, materials used and other additional features. Thus, do sufficient research about what you truly need, what you can afford and what you are willing to spend.


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