Having Problems With Your Dishwasher Soap Dispenser?

Dishwashers are a modern addition to the kitchen which combines plumbing, electronics, and engineering. Households without a dishwasher may find it to be energy- and time-consuming to clean dishes daily by hand which requires a lot of physical labor. Unfortunately, if you do own a dishwasher, you may also have to succumb to manual labor if your appliance were to experience an issue such as your dishwasher soap dispenser not functioning properly. Let us explore more on some of the most common reasons why that little dispenser is not working as it should.

Soap Buildup

The most common cause of soap dispenser issue is soap buildup. This little compartment with a hinge affects the way the dishwasher functions and it is always full of detergent. Most dishwasher models are designed to spray water into this particular compartment directly to flush the soap out onto the dishes. However, there are also certain models that are poorly designed and cannot blast the soap out fully.

Broken Latch

Take a look at the latch mechanism of your dishwasher. If it is clean without any detergent buildup, you will notice how its grooves fit together in a nice locked position. If the latch is broken, the grooves do not fit as there is nothing for them to fit on to.

Broken Spring

There is a tiny spring that allows your detergent door to pop open instead of falling all the way down into the dishwasher. When the spring breaks apart, it is not able to trigger and pop the soap dispenser to allow the water jets to blast the soap onto the dishes. This issue may cause grime to build up and you may need to manually pry it open to pour detergent.

Warped Dispenser Door

When your dishwasher door warps during a cycle, its soap dispenser will not function as it should. Though this problem is rare for most models, it does occur from time to time depending on your usage. This issue arises due to the high temperature of the hot water used to run a dishwashing cycle.  

Worn Out Dispenser Gasket

The gasket is the rubber ring found inside the soap dispenser door. It is the device that allows soap to stay intact until it is necessary for soap to be dispensed onto the dishes. The gasket is also the device that controls the amount of soap to be dispensed and getting the dispenser door closed when needed.

Wax Motor

If your soap dispenser will not open during a cycle, your dishes get rinsed but not cleaned. This happens when your dishwasher wax motor is faulty. It controls the timers and triggers which will only work properly if it is replaced to allow your soap dispenser to function as it should.

Loose Rinse Cap

You may also wish to check the rinse cap. If it is too loose, your dishwasher may not start its cycle as it senses that a compartment is not fully closed. Make sure that you screw it back tightly to determine if your dishwasher issues have been resolved.


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