Dishwasher Maintenance Tips To Know

Dishwashers vary from model to model but essentially, they all work in a similar way. The dishes are stacked in sliding racks that are removable and water sprays from under the appliance through a spray-arm. This process removes food and debris from the dishes. If you are looking for dishwasher maintenance tips that can help keep your appliance in an optimum working condition, we have prepared a list of useful guidelines you can follow.

Using a Dishwasher

Food that falls away from the dishes gets collected in a trap that can be found at the bottom of the insides of the dishwasher. The trap can be removed and should be taken out from time to time to be cleaned to remove dried food particles and soap. By ensuring the food trap stays clean will make sure that the dishes can come out clean. The sprayer arms spin around to get its sprayed water all over the surfaces of the dishes in both the bottom and top racks of the dishwasher. Water sprays out of the device through small holes which are situated along its arms.

Clogged Spray Arms

The process of spraying water out of the spray arms happens at regular intervals but it may eventually clog the small holes after prolonged usage. To ensure your dishes get cleaned properly, soak the spray arms in a mixture of water and vinegar with the support of a regular pipe cleaner.

Water Leak

If you are experiencing any leaks from the dishwasher onto the floor, the problem could lie with a worn out or damaged gasket around the dishwasher door. Usually, the gasket can easily be removed. If you find it difficult, get professional help.

Rusty Dishwasher

If you have noticed rusts in your dishwasher or on your dishes, the coating of the prongs in the dishwasher racks may have come off. There are repair kits that you can find at the hardware store which include items like rubber tips and vinyl paint which can cover the rusty spots.

Clean Filter

Occasionally, you would want to remove and clean your dishwasher filter. This can help to get rid of any food or grime which may get trapped in the filter and prevent proper cleaning from taking place during each wash cycle.

Door and Seals

The seals around the dishwasher doors facilitate a smooth operation by preventing any leaks. Wipe down the rubber seals as well as the door itself using a damp cloth to prevent grime and soil from building up.

Spray Arms

Use a damp towel to wipe down the spray arms to clear any clogs or blockages with the help of toothpicks. Do this once every six months and you may refer to the detailed instructions provided inside your dishwasher manual to properly remove and clean the arms.

Monthly Affair

Clean your dishwasher out at least once a month to help prevent a buildup of germs. This can also help to maintain efficiency in your dishwasher for optimal performance.

Consistently Running

Run your dishwasher regularly at least once a week even if you do not have much dishes to clean. Running it consistently can keep the motor seals working in an optimum condition for a much longer time. Remember that running small loads can help you to save water.


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