Choosing Between Washing Machines To Suit Your Needs

Washing machines are an essential part of every household. Whether it is a front loader, top loader, or a washer dryer combo, we have gathered several pointers that you can use as a guideline to help you select a suitable washing machine. Read the article to learn about the different features of washing machines which can suit both your lifestyle and budget.

Types of Washing Machines

There is a total of two types of top load washing machines which are as follows:

  • Agitator – The most widely-used top-loader comes equipped with an agitator that moves around a pole that can be found in the center of the drum.
  • Impeller – There is a propeller fixed at the bottom of the washing machine which whips up the water in order to move the laundry.

Advantages of a Top-Loader Washing Machine

  • Large laundry capacity
  • Cheaper price
  • Faster wash cycles

Front-Loader Washing Machine

As the name suggests, a front load washing machine requires laundry to be loaded into its front. Laundry moves around with the support of a spinning drum.

Advantages of a Front-Loader Washing Machine

  • Water and energy-efficient
  • Lower operating costs
  • Faster spin speeds that extract more water which reduces drying time
  • Compact design that suits small spaces

Why Does Capacity Matter?

The capacity of a washing machine matters as it lets you select a suitable model that suits the needs of your household. The capacity is measured in pounds and there are several factors which you can consider to help you select a suitable model.

  • The capacity of a medium-sized washing machine ranges from 13 to 15 lbs. This is recommended for a family of four.
  • As a guideline, an 18 lbs washing machine can support a load of up to 40 pieces of laundry.
  • A washing machine can last for a number of years, so it is crucial that you plan for the future so you can consider any changes that are going to take place in your household.

Settings and Programs

Washing machines come equipped with a number of features that include adjustable temperature and wash settings. These allow you to safely wash a variety of clothing. Select a model with the settings that are suitable for your household needs.

  • Selectable spin allows you to choose higher spin for a shorter drying time or slower speed for delicates.
  • An anti-crease function is suitable for easily creased fabrics or to omit a spin after the final rinse.
  • Load sensing feature detects the types of fabric in the laundry, the capacity of each load, and how dirty it is before creating a suitable cycle.

Speed of Wash Cycles

If you are constantly rushing for time, perform some research on the available wash lengths. A top-loader washing machine is much faster than a front-loader and you can select wash cycles that can take anywhere up to two hours. However, most front-loaders also offer a fast-wash feature.

Consider all these factors in order to secure the most suitable washing machine design that best suits your household needs.


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