A Guide To Buying Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

When searching for kitchen ventilation hoods, the main factors to consider are the appliance’s power and durability. Home cooking produces a great volume of pollutants in the house which are airborne. Without a proper kitchen hood, these airborne particles can cause various problems which can easily be prevented. Let us explore the steps that can guide you in choosing a suitable hood for your kitchen.

Ducted Hoods VS. Non-Ducted Hoods

An ideal situation would be to eliminate any pollutants toward the outdoors through a duct attached to the kitchen hood. However, this setup requires a proper installation to connect the duct accordingly. The next best option is with the use of a non-ducted hood that comes equipped with a filtration system. It works by re-circulating the air back into the kitchen to maintain a clean environment. However, a non-ducted hood does not get rid of humidity and heat as how one can expect of a ducted model.

Size and Strength

It is important to select the right size of either a ducted or a non-ducted hood to cater to the needs of your household. Just bear in mind that a proper size of a hood must cover the width of your cooktop in full or at least half of your front burners. If your hood is not able to cover such a surface area, you need a wider model to get optimized results.

Slim Hoods

The most common choice of a kitchen hood that is much more economical is a non-ducted option that can easily be installed under the cabinets. Such models are basic and work by re-circulating air back into the kitchen while trapping a large portion of cooking odors and grease.

Wall Chimney Hoods

Chimney hoods that are mounted on the wall are priced within the middle price margin. They can only be installed directly onto an empty wall, thus it is not ideal if you have cabinets. The appliance got its name through its appearance that looks like a chimney.

Island Hoods

Island hoods are chimney hoods that are installed onto the ceiling. They are high-end and are much costlier due to their style and performance. Homeowners who have an island in their kitchen can consider this option if they intend to install cooktops on their island counter.


Various features can be customized according to the needs of your household. From design add-ons to functionalities and settings, anything can be done to seamlessly blend your kitchen hood with your home interior design. Prices vary according to the number and types of features you intend to personalize.


Always select the most suitable ventilation hood that would work best for your kitchen. Apart from the style of the appliance, also consider other important factors such as size, performance, and price. Choosing the ideal model simply means that you will be getting optimum results every single day that you spend cooking in the kitchen.


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